The pearl Lady, most probably the portrait of Elisabeth of Boheme, princess Palatine signé /signed HONTHORST

The pearl Lady, most probably the portrait of Elisabeth of Boheme, princess Palatine signed Gerrit Van Honthorst.


Oil on board signed HONTHORST, dated 1644

Within a beautiful tortoise shell frame

Height: 74 cm   Width: 59 cm

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#GerritVanHonthorst, born in 1590 and died in 1656.

His career is divided into two very different parts. 
In the first part of his life he is The “Night Master”, "Cavaragesque" painter, that the Italian nicknamed GUERARDO OF THE NOTTE. This period mainly Roman, which will influence LA TOUR and REMBRAND overshadowed the rest of his work. 

Margareta Maria de Roodere and Her Parents

1652 Oil on canvas, 140 x 170 cm
Centraal Museum, Utrecht

Indeed, it has been forgotten today; but when GUERARDO DE LA NOTTE returned to Utrecht, he became a fashionable portrait's painter. Radical changes without knowing the real reasons although it is often forgotten that a painter like everyone needs to survive ... Especially since the death of Van Dyck has opened the road to our artist who will rush into exploiting it. He is called to the court of Charles I, in London, where he will paint the king and the nobles of the court. In 1637, he moved to The Hague and become Van Dyck's official successor for the Netherlands and all Europe. 

Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia                       
The Woman Playing the Guitar
circa 1642, Gerrit van Honthorst                               Circa 1624 Gerrit van Honthorst
The National Portrait Gallery, London                       Musée du Louvre, Paris

This portrait shows the talent of the artist. We will appreciate the quality of glazed face, the light in the beads and the psychological analysis of the model. We almost read the character of the model. This type of face is found throughout the valley of the Rhin, Switzerland, the Netherlands.

Currently, the portrait, especially of the seventeenth century is overlooked and yet it offers the last opportunity to buy at low prices the work of a great master.