Engraving: The snakes Hunting

Engraving: The snakes Hunting

Woodcuts and copper engraving, after Jan Van der Straeten so called Stradanus (Bruges 1523-Florence 1605).
A historical, mythological, religious, allegorical, genre scenes, landscape and mural compositions painter.
He lived in Antwerp, Venice, Florence, where he worked for the Medici
He then met  Vasari and worked with him  at the the Vatican, the Palazzo Vechio ....

Out of a set of 7 prints:

- The deer hunting

- The ibex hunting with dogs and snakes

- The partridges Hunting  with nets

- The Hares hunting with dogs

- The duck hunting with falcons

- The hares hunting with leopard

Flemish School 18th century.

Black framing within a red border.